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Digital Sculpting with Mudbox

Publisher: Focal Press-1st ed.
Author: Mike de la Flor
ISBN-10: 1942689403
ISBN-13: 978-1-942689-40-9
Pages: 284
Language: English
Year: 2010
File: ebook PDF

Essential Tools and Techniques for Artists

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Book Description:

Digital sculpting is the use of tools to push, pull, smooth, grab, pinch or otherwise manipulate a digital object as if it were made of a real-life substance such as clay. Mudbox is the premier sculpting solution for digital artists, allowing them to naturally and easily sculpt detailed, organic characters and models in a way that feels like traditional sculpting.

This book guides CG professionals through the process of creating amazing digital sculptures using the Mudbox arsenal of ground-breaking digital sculpting and 3D painting tools, and porting the models into their Maya or Max work.

Artists will explore tried and true, traditional sculpting techniques and learn to apply them to digital sculpting. A series of in-depth tutorials are included, each challenging them with progressively more complex models as they go on.

Fine art sculptors transitioning from traditional sculpting to digital sculpting will benefit for unique never-before-published guidance on how to successfully integrate digital sculpting into their workflow.

Associated web site with: support files, models, materials, and textures for completing the tutorials in the book.

Explore digital sculpting in its entirety from the art studio, to computer, through to production.
Learn traditional sculpting techniques that can enhance your digital work.
Master digital sculpting in Mudbox with comprehensive tutorials.
Benefit from interplay between Mudbox and other 3D/animation programs like 3ds Max and Maya — as you export your Mudbox models and tie your work together.
Use Mudbox to prepare rapid prototypes, build/mill armatures, and create hybrid sculptures.

About the Author

Mike de la Flor is a freelance medical illustrator/animator, instructor, and writer. He’s the author of several CG titles including the popular The Digital Biomedical Illustration Handbook. Mike has written dozens of articles for 3DWorld, Computer Arts, and MacWorld among other magazines.
Bridgette Mongeon is a master sculptor with over 20 years experience in figurative sculpture. She is a sought-after sculpting instructor and enjoys speaking on a variety of topics, such as art and technology and marketing in the arts. Bridgette is a contributing writer for Sculptural Pursuits and Sculptural Review and has written numerous articles on the arts.


Digital Sculpting with Mudbox

Описание книги:

Эта книга поможет профессионалам компьютерной графики в процессе создания потрясающих цифровых скульптур с использованием передовых инструментов Mudbox для цифровой скульптуры и 3D-рисования, а также в переносе моделей в Maya или Max.

Digital Sculpting with Mudbox

Chapter 1. Sculpting Concepts;
Chapter 2. Introduction to Mudbox;
Chapter 3. Sculpting a Portrait Bust;
Chapter 4. Sculpting a Figure;
Chapter 5. Painting Sculptures;
Chapter 6. Creating Displacement Maps;
Chapter 7. Scanning, Printing, and Milling;
Chapter 8. Appendices and Galleries
Chapter 9. Index

Digital Sculpting with Mudbox

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Digital Sculpting with Mudbox

Sculpting in Mudbox

https://mydevbook.info/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/digital-sculpting-with-mudbox.jpghttps://mydevbook.info/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/digital-sculpting-with-mudbox-150x150.jpgXeldredGame graphicsgame graphicsPublisher: Focal Press-1st ed. Author: Mike de la Flor ISBN-10: 1942689403 ISBN-13: 978-1-942689-40-9 Pages: 284 Language: English Year: 2010 File: ebook PDF Essential Tools and Techniques for Artists Sculpting in MudboxBooks for game developers
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