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Virtual Reality with VRTK4

Publisher: Apress Publishing
Author: Rakesh Baruah
ISBN-10 : 1484254872
ISBN-13 : 978-1484254875
Pages: 353
Language: English
Year: 2020
File: ebook PDF; EPUB

Create Immersive VR Experiences Leveraging Unity3D and Virtual Reality Toolkit

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Book Description:

Virtual reality is quickly becoming the next medium to communicate your ideas. Once siloed in make-believe world of science fiction, virtual reality can now touch any aspect of your life. This book shows you how to create original virtual reality content using the Unity game engine and the Virtual Reality Tool Kit. By the end of the book you’ll be creating your own virtual reality experience using the fundamental building blocks within.
You’ll start by reviewing spatial computing, an emerging field that encompasses self-driving cars to space exploration. You’ll also create your own virtual reality environments for use on headsets such as those from Oculus and HTC. Using the Unity3D game engine and the Virtual Reality Toolkit on a computer or laptop, you will walk through the fundamentals of virtual reality with as little code as possible. That is the beauty of Unity and the Virtual Reality Toolkit. You will discover how to use buttons in a virtual space, gaze-tracking for user input, and physics for enabling interaction between a human and a virtual space.

From game design to education to healthcare to human resources, virtual reality offers new and creative ways to engage users, students, patients, customers, and more. Not a coding book, Virtual Reality with VRTK4 shows that you don’t need to be a computer or graphics whiz to begin creating your own virtual reality experiences.

What You’ll Learn

  • Grasp Virtual Reality Toolkit and its interaction with Unity3D
  • Explore the fundamental science of virtual reality
  • Review the inner workings of Unity3D and its integration with VRTK
  • Understand the big picture of C# coding in Unity3D
  • Incorporate head and hand movement into virtual experiences

Who This Book Is For

Creative professionals or students who are familiar with computer design programs and want to begin prototyping their own original virtual reality work as quickly as possible.

About the Author

Rakesh Baruah is a writer and creator with 15 years of experience in new media, film, and television in New York City. After completing an MFA in screenwriting and directing for film from Columbia University. Rakesh joined the writers’ room of a hit, primetime, network drama as an assistant. The experience opened his eyes to the limits of television and the opportunities promised by 3D, immersive content. In 2016 he began a self-guided journey toward virtual reality design that has taken him through startups, bootcamps, the Microsoft offices and many, many hours in front of a computer. He shares what he’s learned with you in a style and format designed specifically for the person who in high school, preferred English class to Trigonometry.

Virtual Reality with VRTK4

Описание книги:

Виртуальная реальность быстро становится следующим средством передачи ваших идей. Виртуальная реальность, когда-то окутанная вымышленным миром научной фантастики, теперь может коснуться любого аспекта вашей жизни. В этой книге показано, как создавать оригинальный контент виртуальной реальности с помощью игрового движка Unity и набора инструментов виртуальной реальности. К концу книги вы будете создавать собственный опыт виртуальной реальности, используя фундаментальные строительные блоки внутри нее.

Что вы узнаете

Virtual Reality Toolkit и его взаимодействие с Unity3D
Изучите фундаментальную науку о виртуальной реальности
Рассмотрите Unity3D и его интеграции с VRTK
Поймете общие принципы программирования на C # в Unity3D
Как включить движения головы и рук в виртуальном мире

Virtual Reality with VRTK4

Table of contents

1. Setup
2. The Virtual Camera
3. Game Objects, Components, and an Introduction to C# Scripting
4. Doin’t hangs: Input, Events, and Action
5. Keyboard Input as Action
6. Controller Button Inputs as Actions
7. Trigger Input Through One-Dimensional Axis Actions
8. Interactors and Interactables
9. Movement in VR

Virtual Reality with VRTK4

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Virtual Reality with VRTK4

Introduction to VR in Unity

https://mydevbook.info/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/virtual-reality-with-vrtk4.jpghttps://mydevbook.info/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/virtual-reality-with-vrtk4-150x150.jpgXeldredPython Game DevelopmentUnity game development3D game,Apress,Rakesh Baruah,UnityPublisher: Apress Publishing Author: Rakesh Baruah ISBN-10 : 1484254872 ISBN-13 : 978-1484254875 Pages: 353 Language: English Year: 2020 File: ebook PDF; EPUB Create Immersive VR Experiences Leveraging Unity3D and Virtual Reality Toolkit Introduction to VR in UnityBooks for game developers
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