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Unity Multiplayer Games

Publisher: PacktPublishing
Author: Alan R. Stagner
ISBN-10: 9781849692328
ISBN-13: 978-1849692328
Pages: 242
Language: English
Year: 2013
File: ebook PDF

Build engaging, fully functional, multiplayer games with Unity engine.

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Book Description:

Unity is a game development engine that is fully integrated with a complete set of intuitive tools and rapid workflows used to create interactive 3D content. Multiplayer games have long been a staple of video games, and online multiplayer games have seen an explosion in popularity in recent years. Unity provides a unique platform for independent developers to create the most in-demand multiplayer experiences, from relaxing social MMOs to adrenaline-pumping competitive shooters.

A practical guide to writing a variety of online multiplayer games with the Unity game engine, using a multitude of networking middleware from player-hosted games to standalone dedicated servers to cloud multiplayer technology. You can create a wide variety of online games with the Unity 4 as well as Unity 3 Engine.

You will learn all the skills needed to make any multiplayer game you can think of using this practical guide. We break down complex multiplayer games into basic components, for different kinds of games, whether they be large multi-user environments or small 8-player action games. You will get started by learning networking technologies for a variety of situations with a Pong game, and also host a game server and learn to connect to it.Then, we will show you how to structure your game logic to work in a multiplayer environment. We will cover how to implement client-side game logic for player-hosted games and server-side game logic for MMO-style games, as well as how to deal with network latency, unreliability, and security.

You will then gain an understanding of the Photon Server while creating a star collector game; and later, the Player.IO by creating a multiplayer RTS prototype game. You will also learn using PubNub with Unity by creating a chatbox application. Unity Multiplayer Games will help you learn how to use the most popular networking middleware available for Unity, from peer-oriented setups to dedicated server technology.

What you will learn from this book

  • Use Unity networking for in-game player-hosted servers
  • Create cloud-based games with Photon Cloud
  • Employ dedicated servers for massive multiuser environments
  • Make game logic server-authoritative
  • Deal with latency and unreliable networks
  • Use PubNub for HTTP-based push messaging
  • Employ Player.IO to persist game data to the cloud
  • Use various forms of networked entity interpolation

Who this book is written for

If you are a developer who wants to start making multiplayer games with the Unity game engine, this book is for you. This book assumes you have some basic experience with programming. No prior knowledge of the Unity IDE is required.

About the Author

Alan R. Stagner is an independent developer. He was introduced to programming by his father; he sought out different ways to create games in a variety of languages. Most recently, he found the Unity game engine and was instantly hooked, and discovered his love of multiplayer game development. He has also dabbled in database and server programming from time to time, mostly involving PHP and MySQL, with recent forays into ASP.NET.

Unity Multiplayer Games

Описание книги:

Практическое руководство по написанию разнообразных многопользовательских онлайн-игр с игровым движком Unity, использующим множество промежуточного программного обеспечения для сетей, от игр, размещаемых игроками, до автономных выделенных серверов и многопользовательской технологии облака. Вы можете создавать разнообразные онлайн-игры с Unity 4, а также с Unity 3 Engine.

С помощью этого практического руководства вы изучите все навыки, необходимые для создания любой многопользовательской игры. Мы разбиваем сложные многопользовательские игры на базовые компоненты для различных видов игр, будь то большие многопользовательские среды или маленькие игры для 8 игроков. Вы начнете изучать сетевые технологии для различных ситуаций с игрой Pong, а также разместите игровой сервер и научитесь подключаться к нему. Затем мы покажем вам, как структурировать игровую логику для работы в многопользовательской среде. Мы расскажем о том, как реализовать игровую логику на стороне клиента для игр, размещаемых игроками, и игровую логику на стороне сервера для игр в стиле MMO, а также как справиться с задержкой, ненадежностью и безопасностью сети.

Unity Multiplayer Games

Table of contents

  • Chapter 1: Unity Networking – The Pong Game
  • Chapter 2: Photon Unity Networking – The Chat Client
  • Chapter 3: Photon Server – Star Collector
  • Chapter 4: Player.IO – Bot Wars
  • Chapter 5: PubNub – The Global Chatbox
  • Chapter 6: Entity Interpolation and Prediction
  • Chapter 7: Server-side Hit Detection
  • Index

Unity Multiplayer Games

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Unity Multiplayer Games

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