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Game Programming with Code Angel

Publisher: Apress Publishing
Author: Mark Cunningham
ISBN-10 : 1484253043
ISBN-13 : 978-1484253045
Pages: 177
Language: English
Year: 2020
File: ebook PDF, EPUB

Learn how to code in Python on Raspberry Pi or PC

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Book Description:

Program in Python on a Raspberry Pi or PC by developing six computer games. Each game project is split into several chapters of the book. Rather than taking you through programming techniques as standalone concepts, this book explains concepts as they are used within a game.

You’ll learn about variables; integer, real, Boolean and string data types; conditional if statements; fixed loops and conditional loops; modularity; arrays and lists; and predefined functions. You’ll also discover the PyGame library, which is popularly used in the development of 2D games.

Key programming concepts are revisited in subsequent projects in the book to consolidate prior learning. Beyond teaching you how to code, this book explains the programming logic behind each project?exemplifying the process of designing and writing a computer game.

All the projects in this book are supported by Code Angel (mycodeangel.com). Code Angel Code Angel largely serves students and new developers and the projects work by encouraging you to ‘Learn…then play’. Taking this approach, you’ll be able to build fun 2D games and enjoy playing them by yourself or with friends. Developing games in this way keeps you engaged, gives a purpose as you work through each project, and offers a sense of achievement when each game is finished.

What You’ll Learn

  • Integrate the fundamentals of the Python 3 programming language
  • Program fun, classic computer games you can then play
  • Develop computational thinking skills and abilities that can be applied to other ventures

Who This Book Is For

Students, hobbyists, new developers or anyone wishing to learn how to design and write computer games.

About the Author

Mark Cunningham is the founder of Code Angel and has over 20 years experience of teaching coding in high schools. In teaching Computing Science to high school students, he has learned which coding concepts new coders find difficult to understand, learn, and master. He has also found that students learn better when writing programs that they can engage with rather than simple programs they find boring and pointless. Teaching is his passion and in particular teaching computer programming and developing computational skills. His work with Code Angel has allowed him to take his teaching beyond the classroom and offer a wealth of resources for developing new programmers.

Game Programming with Code Angel

Описание книги:

Все проекты в этой книге поддерживаются Code Angel (mycodeangel.com). Code Angel Code Angel в основном служит студентам и новым разработчикам, а проекты работают, побуждая вас «учиться… потом играть». Используя такой подход, вы сможете создавать увлекательные 2D-игры и наслаждаться ими в одиночку или с друзьями. Подобная разработка игр помогает поддерживать интерес, дает цель по мере работы над каждым проектом и дает ощущение достижения, когда каждая игра завершена.

Вы узнаете о переменных; целочисленные, вещественные, логические и строковые типы данных; условные операторы if; фиксированные циклы и условные циклы; модульность; массивы и списки; и предопределенные функции. Вы также откроете для себя библиотеку PyGame, которая широко используется при разработке 2D-игр.

Game Programming with Code Angel

Table of contents

  • Chapter 1: Introduction
  • Chapter 2: Forest Bomber part 1: A first level
  • Chapter 3: Forest Bomber part 2: Is it a bird…?
  • Chapter 4: Forest Bomber part 3: Bombs away…
  • Chapter 5: Forest Bomber part 4: Wrapping it up
  • Chapter 6: Snapper part 1: In the woods
  • Chapter 7: Snapper part 2: Say cheese
  • Chapter 8: Snapper part 3: Snapped
  • Chapter 9: Alien Invasion part 1: Under attack
  • Chapter 10: Alien Invasion part 2: Missile launch is Go
  • Chapter 11: Alien Invasion part 3: And they came from outer space
  • Chapter 12: Save the planet
  • Chapter 13: Golf part 1: On the tee
  • Chapter 14: Golf part 2: On the green
  • Chapter 15: Golf part 3: It’s in the hole
  • Index

Game Programming with Code Angel

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Game Programming with Code Angel

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