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Making Deep Games

Publisher: Routledge
Author: Doris C. Ruschan
ISBN-10: 1138812137
ISBN-13: 978-1138812130
Pages: 197
Language: English
Year: 2016
File: ebook PDF

Designing Games with Meaning and Purpose, 1st Edition

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Book Description:

Like movies, television, and other preceding forms of media, video games are undergoing a dynamic shift in its content and perception. While the medium can still be considered in its infancy, the mark of true artistry and conceptual depth is detectable in the evolving styles, various genres and game themes.

Doris C. Rusch’s, Making Deep Games, combines this insight along with the discussion of the expressive nature of games, various case studies, and hands-on design exercises. This book offers a perspective into how to make games that tackle the whole bandwidth of the human experience; games that teach us something about ourselves, enable thought-provoking, emotionally rich experiences and promote personal and social change.

Grounded in cognitive linguistics, game studies and the reflective practice of game design, Making Deep Games explores systematic approaches for how to approach complex abstract concepts, inner processes, and emotions through the specific means of the medium. It aims to shed light on how to make the multifaceted aspects of the human condition tangible through gameplay experiences.

About the author

Doris S. Rush is a game designer, explorer and fan of games. He is a teacher of game design at the University of De Paul. Before that, she worked in doctoral studies at the GAMBIT Game Lab, MIT and at the Vienna University of Technology (Austria). Rush’s work focuses on the theory and practice of game design, especially in relation to games that simulate «human experience.»

She received many awards for experimental, metaphorical games, many of which contribute to the awareness of mental health and activity, such as Akrasia (game of substance abuse), Elude (game of depression), Zombie Yoga — Restore the inner child (Kinect game in which the player performs yoga posture to deal with internal fears represented by zombies) and Soteria — Dreams as Currency (a game for teens to learn how to overcome anxiety disorder).

After completing studies in literature, philosophy, comparative media and English studies at the University of Vienna, she received her Ph.D. in applied linguistics and interactive systems in 2004.


This book offers a perspective into how to make games.

Making Deep Games

Описание книги:

Как и фильмы, телевидение и другие предшествующие формы медиа, видеоигры претерпевают динамические изменения в своем содержании и восприятии. Хотя среду еще можно рассматривать в зачаточном состоянии, отметка истинного артистизма и концептуальной глубины обнаруживается в развивающихся стилях, различных жанрах и игровых темах.

Дорис С. Раш, «Making Deep Games», объединяет эту проницательность с обсуждением выразительной природы игр, различными примерами и практическими упражнениями по дизайну. Эта книга дает представление о том, как создавать игры, которые будут использовать всю полосу человеческого опыта; игры, которые учат нас чему-то о себе, дают возможность вызывать мысли, эмоционально насыщенные переживания и способствуют личным и социальным изменениям.

Основываясь на когнитивной лингвистике, игровых исследованиях и рефлексивной практике игрового дизайна, «Making Deep Games» исследует системные подходы к тому, как подходить к сложным абстрактным концепциям, внутренним процессам и эмоциям с помощью специальных средств среды.

Эта книга дает представление о том, как делают игры.

Making Deep Games

  • 1 Diving for Deep Game Ideas
  • 2 Games as an Expressive Medium
  • 3 Modeling the Human Experience—Or the Art of nailing a Pudding to the Wall
  • 4 Experiential Metaphors—Or What Breaking Up, Getting a Tattoo, and Playing God of War Have in Common
  • 5 Allegorical Games—Or the Monster Isn’t a Monster Isn’t a Monster
  • 6 Designing with Purpose and Meaning—nine Questions to Define Where You’re Going and Make Sure You Get There
  • 7 It’s not Always about You!—Lessons Learned from Participatory Deep Game Design
  • 8 The Same new Kid in Yet Another Hood—Deep Game Design as Creative Arts Therapy?
  • References
  • Index

Making Deep Games

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Making Deep Games

Basic Principles of Game Design

https://mydevbook.info/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/Making-Deep-Games.jpghttps://mydevbook.info/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/Making-Deep-Games-150x150.jpgXeldredOther Game Development Books2D game,3D game,Doris C. Ruschan,RoutledgePublisher: Routledge Author: Doris C. Ruschan ISBN-10: 1138812137 ISBN-13: 978-1138812130 Pages: 197 Language: English Year: 2016 File: ebook PDF Designing Games with Meaning and Purpose, 1st Edition Basic Principles of Game DesignBooks for game developers
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