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Game Development

Publisher: Cengage Learning; 3 edition
Author: Jeannie Novak
ISBN-10: 1111307652
ISBN-13: 978-1111307653
Pages: 512
Language: English
Year: 2011
File: ebook PDF

Basics of game development. History, scenarios, strategy, marketing.

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Book Description:

This authoritative, game-oriented publication looks at the strategies and structure for creating content and the concepts underlying development, and also gives readers an idea of the evolution of game development and how it became what it is today. Included are chapters on project management, roles and responsibilities for the development team, development cycle, marketing, maintenance, and future game development. This new edition includes all the latest games and gaming technology. Coverage of new technologies related to games, development methods and the latest research in this area makes this resource invaluable for those who enter the exciting, competitive and ever-changing world of game development.

What You’ll Learn

  • Key chapter questions that are clearly stated at the beginning of each chapter.
  • Coverage that covers planning, production, prototyping,
    game testing, marketing and player community management
  • Reflection and study of questions that arise at the end of each
    a chapter that is suitable for students and professionals to help promote
    critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • Many case studies, quotes from leading experts and profiles
    game developers who offer short tips and problem solving exercises to help
    readers focus on issues related to the game
  • Discussions that go beyond general game development topics, into emerging
    areas such as serious online, mobile and social game development

From the book you will learn about the gaming industry and game development.

Game Development Essentials: An Introduction, Third Edition

Основы разработки игр: введение, третье издание
Game Development Essentials: An Introduction, Third Edition


Это авторитетное, ориентированное на игру издание рассматривает стратегии и структуру создания контента и концепций, лежащих в основе разработки, а также дает читателям представление об эволюции разработки игр и о том, как она стала тем, чем она является сегодня. Включены главы по управлению проектами, ролям и обязанностями команды разработчиков, а также циклу разработки, маркетингу, сопровождению и будущей презентации игр.

В это новое издание вошли все новейшие игры и игровые технологии. Освещение новых технологий, связанных с играми, методами разработки и последними исследованиями в этой области, что делает этот ресурс бесценным для тех, кто вступает в захватывающий и конкурентный, постоянно меняющийся мир разработки игр.

Что вы узнаете:

  • Как планировать, производство, создавать прототипы, тестировать игры, а также маркетинг и управление сообществом игроков
  • Как улучшить свои навыки критического мышления и решать возникающие проблемы
  • Получите короткие советы и упражнения для решения проблем от признанных экспертов игровой отрасли
  • Обсудите некоторые вопросы выходящие за рамки общих тем разработки игр, (разработка онлайн, мобильных и социальных игр)

Из книги вы узнаете о игровой индустрии и разработке игр.

Game Development Essentials: An Introduction, Third Edition



  • Part I: Setup building the foundation
  • Chapter 1 Historical Elements:how did we get here?
  • Chapter 2 Platforms & Player Modes: what is the framework?
  • Chapter 3 Goals & Genres: what are the possibilities?
  • Chapter 4 Player Elements: who plays and why? 
  • Part II: Scenarios creating compelling content
  • Chapter 5 Story & Character Development: creating the narrative
  • Chapter 6 Gameplay:creating the experience
  • Chapter 7 Levels: creating the world
  • Chapter 8 Interface:creating the connection
  • Chapter 9 Audio:creating the atmosphere 
  • Part III:Strategy team, process, and community
  • Chapter 10 Roles & Responsibilities:developing the team
  • Chapter 11 Production & Management:developing the process
  • Chapter 12 Marketing & Maintenance:developing the community
  • Conclusion The Future:where are we going?
  • Resources
  • Index

Game Development Essentials: An Introduction, Third Edition

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Author’s site Jeannie Novak

About the Author

Jeannie Novak is the lead author and series editor of the widely acclaimed GAME DEVELOPMENT ESSENTIALS series (with over 15 published titles), co-author of PLAY THE GAME: THE PARENT’S GUIDE TO VIDEO GAMES, and co-author of three pioneering books on the interactive entertainment industry—including CREATING INTERNET ENTERTAINMENT.

She is also co-founder of Novy Unlimited and CEO of Kaleidospace, LLC (dbaIndiespace), providing curriculum development and consulting services for corporations, educators, and creative professionals in games, music, film, education, and technology.

Novak served as director of the Game Art & Design and Media Arts & Animation programs at the Art Institute Online and has taught game courses at UCLA, Art Center College of Design, DeVry University, Westwood College, ITT Technical Institute, and the Academy of Entertainment & Technology at Santa Monica College.

She holds a B.A. in mass communication/business administration from UCLA and an M.A. in communication management from the Annenberg School at USC. She also serves on the Online Gameplay Committee for the Academy of Interactive Arts &Sciences and has served on the executive boards of the International Game Developers Association (Los Angeles) and Women in Games International.

An accomplished composer and performer, Novak was chosen as one of the 100 most influential people in technology by MicroTimesmagazine and has been profiled by CNN, Billboard Magazine, the Sundance Channel, Daily Variety, and the Los Angeles Times.

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https://mydevbook.info/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/game-development-essentials.jpghttps://mydevbook.info/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/game-development-essentials-150x150.jpgXeldredOther Game Development Books2D game,3D game,Cengage Learning,Jeannie NovakPublisher: Cengage Learning; 3 edition Author: Jeannie Novak ISBN-10: 1111307652 ISBN-13: 978-1111307653 Pages: 512 Language: English Year: 2011 File: ebook PDF Basics of game development. History, scenarios, strategy, marketing. How To Make A Simulator Game On Roblox  Books for game developers
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