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HTML5 Game Development Insights

Publisher: Apress Publishing
Author: Group of authors
ISBN-10: 143026697X
ISBN-13: 978-1430266976
Pages: 476
Language: English
Year: 2014
File: ebook PDF

Code, learn, improve, and repeat.

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Book Description:

HTML5 Game Development Insights is a from-the-trenches collection of tips, tricks, hacks, and advice straight from professional HTML5 game developers. The 24 chapters here include unique, cutting edge, and essential techniques for creating and optimizing modern HTML5 games. You will learn things such as using the Gamepad API, real-time networking, getting 60fps full screen HTML5 games on mobile, using languages such as Dart and TypeScript, and tips for streamlining and automating your workflow. Game development is a complex topic, but you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. HTML5 Game Development Insights will teach you how the pros do it.

About the Authors:

Andrzej Mazur, Brandon Jones, Bruno Garcia, Colt McAnlis, Don Olmstead, Duncan Tebbs, Florian d’Erfurth, Ian Ballantyne, Ivan Popelyshev, Jason Gauci, Jesse Freeman, John M, Jon Howard, Peter Lubbers, Sean Bennett, Shun Lin, Takuo Kihira, Tyler Smith

  • Colt McAnlis is a games and productivity developer attorney at Google.
  • Peter Lubbers is a program manager on the Google Developer Relations team for scalable developer programs.
  • Brandon Jones is working on the implementation of Chrome WebGL on Google, and he is a big proponent of WebGL in any form.
  • Duncan Tebbs, a senior software developer at Turbulenz Limited, is developing a technology that enables developers to deliver high-quality game content.
  • Andrzej Mazur, HTML5 game developer; founder of the indie development studio Enclave Games, which
    focused on mobile HTML5 games.
  • Sean Bennett is a software engineer at Crowdtilt, and he is passionate about using the Internet as a development platform.
  • Florian d’Erfurth is a new game developer with independent web development for the past five years.
  • Bruno Garcia is a co-founder of 2D Kit, helping developers create cross-platform games.
  • Shun Lin, founder of the open-source game engine Cocos2d-HTML5 and senior technical director of ChuKong.
  • Ivan Popelyshev, developer of MMO games and founder of Matroid Games.
  • Jason Gauci is an Apple Researcher. He worked in the laboratories of Google Research and Lockheed Martin Applied Research, specializing in forecasting behavior and predictive analytics.
  • Jon Howard, Executive Product Manager, Future Development at BBC (CBBC & CBeebies).
  • Ian Ballantyne is a Software Engineer at Turbulenz, developing HTML5 games, tools, and technology.
  • Jesse Freeman is a Developer Evangelist at Amazon focusing on HTML5 and gaming.
  • Takuo Kihira is the HTML5 Manager and Chief Engineer at DeNA, and he specializes in JavaScript and HTML5
    development for mobile platforms.
  • Tyler Smith is the HTML5 Game Evangelist at Intel, focusing on helping the HTML5 game developer community grow.
  • Don Olmstead is a Senior Software Engineer at Sony Network Entertainment, working on the underlying web platform
    for PlayStation hardware.
  • John McCutchan is a Software Engineer at Google working on the Dart Virtual Machine.
  • Chad Austin is a Senior Technical Director at IMVU, where he focuses on client application structure and the web
  • Mario Andres Pagella is the founder of Warsteed Studios, an independent HTML5 game development studio, and he is
    also a Technical Project Leader at R/GA.

HTML5 Game Development Insights

Описание книги:

HTML5 Game Development Insights-это коллекция советов, трюков, хаков и советов от профессиональных разработчиков игр HTML5. 24 главы здесь включают в себя уникальные, передовые и необходимые методы для создания и оптимизации современных игр HTML5.

Вы узнаете такие вещи, как использование API геймпада, сетевое взаимодействие в режиме реального времени, получение полноэкранных HTML5-игр на мобильном устройстве с частотой 60 кадров в секунду, использование таких языков, как Dart и TypeScript, а также советы по оптимизации и автоматизации рабочего процесса. Разработка игр-это сложная тема,но вам не нужно изобретать велосипед. HTML5 Game Development Insights научит вас, как это делают профессионалы.

Книга состоит из шести основных разделов: производительность; игровые медиа: звук и рендеринг; Сеть, время загрузки и ресурсы; мобильные методы и советы; межъязыковой JavaScript; инструменты и полезные библиотеки. В каждом из этих разделов вы найдете советы, которые помогут вам работать быстрее и эффективнее и добиться лучших результатов.

Представленный в виде серии коротких глав от различных профессионалов игровой индустрии HTML5, весь исходный код для каждой статьи включен и может быть немедленно использован продвинутыми программистами

HTML5 Game Development Insights

Table of contents

  • Chapter 1: JavaScript Is Not the Language You Think It Is
  • Chapter 2: Optimal Asset Loading
  • Chapter 3: High-Performance JavaScript
  • Chapter 4: Efficient JavaScript Data Structures
  • Chapter 5: Faster Canvas Picking
  • Chapter 6: Autotiles
  • Chapter 7: Importing Flash Assets
  • Chapter 8: Applying Old-School Video Game Techniques in Modern Web Games
  • Chapter 9: Optimizing WebGL Usage
  • Chapter 10: Playing Around with the Gamepad API
  • Chapter 11: Introduction to WebSockets for Game Developers
  • Chapter 12: Real-Time Multiplayer Network Programming
  • Chapter 13: The State of Responsive Design
  • Chapter 14: Making a Multiplatform Game
  • Chapter 15: Developing Better Than Native Games
  • Chapter 16: Mobile Web Game Techniques with Canvas 2D API
  • Chapter 17: Faster Map Rendering
  • Chapter 18: HTML5 Games in C++ with Emscripten
  • Chapter 19: Introduction to TypeScript: Building a Rogue-like Engine
  • Chapter 20: Implementing a Main Loop in Dart
  • Chapter 21: Saving Bandwidth and Memory with WebGL and Crunch
  • Chapter 22: Creating a Two-Dimensional Map Editor
  • Chapter 23: Automating Your Workflow with Node.js and Grunt
  • Chapter 24: Building a Game with the Cocos2d-html5 Library
  • Index

HTML5 Game Development Insights

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HTML5 Game Development Insights

HTML5 Game Development Tutorial using TypeScript

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